The world under their feet- Barcelona

The final game of UEFA Champions League has ended with the victory for the better team, Barcelona. 3 goals from Pedro, Messi, and Villa has ended the game with a score of 3 to 1. MU, with their pride and hard work had tried their best to defeat Barca, but the goal from Rooney couldn’t help MU keep up with the team from another planet. Messi continues to show the world why he’s the best footballer for 2 consecutive years with a perfect goal. Ferguson said that he’s proud of what his students have done and Barca is too excellent. I myself, as an MU fan agreed with Ferguson that Barca is too good to defeat, and I congratulate them as winner of the European Cup. It’s understood that they are the best team in Europe right now and it’s very hard to search for another team that can defeat Barca themselves.

Barcelonas 4th Championship

Barcelona's 4th Championship

Champions League Final Game

The European football season’s coming to the end as the most expected/wanted/waited game’s approaching. Manchester United vs. Barcelona at Wembley Stadium, London, England at 20:00 p.m. of May 28th GMT for one trophy, the Champions League Cup. 2 years ago, in Rome, Italy, United lost 2-0 to Barcelona with the goals from Eto’o and Messi, 2 years later, Sir Alex and his team get the chance to pay back when they meet each other again in the 2011 Champions League Final. Millions of football lovers on the planet are waiting to see the stars from both teams to shine, and they’re expecting a nice face to face battle between Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola, the two coaches of MU, and Barca. Whoever wins this game will reach the record of winning 4 Champions League trophies. MU with their hopes and so is Barca are trying their best to achieve the goal of becoming the strongest team in Europe. We will have to wait until the game is over to find out who’s the champion. Who do you think it will be? As a MU fan, I hope that we will have a good game and win the last challenge of the season.

MU vs. Barca

MU vs. Barca

Trip to a different world- Cat Tien

Last week, we had once of a lifetime experiment in the National Park of Nam Cat Tien. We visited the tropical rain forest of Vietnam with our math and science teachers, Mr. Brandon, and Ms. Asmaa. When we first heard of the trip, everyone was quite afraid, we didn’t know what it was like in the jungle. We start off at 8:30 in the morning of Wednesday and it took us more than 3 hrs to get to the national park. On the way, we saw some really cool sites and one of them was Da Ba Chong in Dinh Quan. It was 2 big, fat rocks sitting right on top of each other. We arrived at 11:30 and each of us took as many bottles of water as we can because we will hike for 5 km after lunch. After lunch, we rested before going into the forest. We had to buy some raincoats because the natives said that it’s going to rain soon. We put on our leech-socks because there are lots of leeches in the jungle because it was raining the night before. We got onto the truck and they took us to the hiking site. We went into the jungle, curious of what we might see. There were insects everywhere, and leeches were right next to our footsteps. The tour guide led us to the 700 yrs old tree and we took a picture with each other. The hike was really long but we made it at last. When we got to the “hotel” it was very different from what we expected. The bathrooms were horrible, the bed were filthy, everything was so disgusting. There were no fans or AC, not even ice. Our teachers got two VIP rooms and they decided to let us share the room with them. The girls were with Ms. Asmaa, while 5 guys and Mr. Brandon shared a room. After shower, we watched the sunset together. It was one of the most beautiful scenes that I’ve seen in my life. Every 5 minutes, the skyline changes its color, and it lasted for 30 minutes until the sun completely went off. WE had dinner with insects flying around, the meal was full of fish but it was a great meal that we had. After dinner, our class gather around and used flashlight to look at the crocodiles’ eyes when they are out of the water, our teachers also saw a deer around. At 8, all the guys gather around for card game, we had lots of fun and it was really loud. At 10, we had some noodles before going to sleep, we had to eat with the light off because the insects were attracted by the light. After eating, we decided to stay up instead of sleeping so we brought chairs onto our balcony and started to talk. We talked about our school, about each other, and about the coming year. This was actually one of the best parts of the trip, it was the first time my whole class gather together like a family and talk. We talked until 12 and then we brought out some blankets and put it onto the balcony and sleep there, in the middle of the wild. I couldn’t sleep until 2 am, so I talked to my friends until both of us got tired and fell as sleep.

DSC02057 DSC00091

The next day start off with breakfast of noodles and sausages, then we started the hike back to the National Park Center for 5 km before we visited the bat cave, on the way to the bat cave, we saw another huge tree in which was 900 yrs old. We finally got back to the center with the truck and rested. Mr. Brandon got to leave early because his son was having a fever and he was crying all night. So that left us with Ms. Asmaa, continuing our trip. The rooms that we got were a lot better than the ones in crocodile lake. We rested and had lunch before we went to W.A.R in the afternoon. We talked to a forest ranger in there and look at some of the bears that they’re rescuing. Those bears were showing signs of autism and other diseases from loneliness of being captive for the passed years of their life. One of the bears “fell in love” with my friend, Steven and she kept on following him. After looking at the bears, we went to see a leopard chasing and hunting a chicken. The visit ended with us looking at a peacock and taking his pictures.

DSC02072 DSC02090

We had dinner at 7 and it was the best dinner we had. After that, we went on the night safari and saw some cute animals in the forest at night. We passed through many weird areas such as the grassland like area and the bamboo forest. During the night safari, we also saw thousands of stars on the sky and it was the best scene ever. It was kinda scary to ride in the forest at night, but it was such a cool experience. We had camp fire when we got back, and Ms. Asmaa got really mad at the guy who lighted the fire for us, because he threw the plastic bottle with oil inside into the fire. Ms. Asmaa got made because it was both dangerous and not good for the environment. We still had a good discussion though, telling each other what we like and dislike so far about the trip. After the camp fire, we headed back to our room, on the way we saw something that we’ve never seen before in our life and don’t really wish to, a live scorpion. I almost step on in and I was lucky enough not to get bit by it. We took a picture of it and then went into our rooms. We didn’t sleep right away, and we decided to play around with each other. Our victim was Kevin and we made so much fun of him until Ms. Asmaa got out of her room and make us go to sleep. Steven and I exchanged room afterward and it was a great night after all the tiring stuff we did during daytime.


We visited EAST before going home on the next day. After breakfast, we got onto the boat with Ms. Stephanie and her colleague to get to Dao Tien, an island where the EAST rehabilitation facility is located. When we got there, Ms. Stephanie talked to us about how EAST is trying to rescue the gibbons and the life of the gibbons before and after they were rescued. She also told us stories about each of the gibbons and the process of rehabilitation. Before we went back to the National Park Center, we had the chance to talk to a Forest Ranger and understand about their life in the forest. After his presentation, Ms. Stephanie gave another presentation about the current status of gibbons and illegal trades within Vietnam. She also gave out solutions and suggested that we can do something to help those little apes. Before leaving, we bought some souvenirs. After lunch, we headed back to Sai Gon. The original plan was that when we got onto the bus, we will make a rap song, but it turned out that everyone was so tired and we all fell asleep. We got back to school at 3 and then home. I’m sure that even though the first day of the trip was not good and some of us wasn’t happy about that, but this trip was still an awesome one, it was the first time that our class travels to some place together and look at some of the most amazing things in nature. We also had the chance to figure out that some not to say many people in Vietnam still care about the natural environment and work to preserve, and protect it. I’m so glad that I had this trip with its cool experiences, and I think that one day, I’ll be back to this place with my friends to live those days in natural, and the wild again.

The last journey of Space Shuttles

The last trip of Endeavour to ISS is the second to the last trip of the world’s first reusable spacecraft… After more than 2 decades since 1981 of serving as a transporter that carries astronauts into space and back to Earth, the space shuttles have to retire for its descendants to replace. They’ve depart more than 130 times from Earth and carried hundreds of astronauts into orbit. It had accomplished missions in building ISS, and Hubble. Space Shuttles opened up new ways that helps us understand the universe and the world that we live in. After the terrible accident of Columbia in 2003, the US government and NASA started to work on projects that will give out new spacecrafts that will replace the old space shuttles. 8 years later, the space shuttles are about to retire in museums while the name of the new spacecraft remains unknown. After the retirement of space shuttles, American astronauts will have to use the Russian Soyuz rocket to go to ISS and outer space. It was said that the next generation of US spacecraft will be introduce in the next few years, but we will still remember what space shuttles had brought to us.

Manchester United’s 19th Championship

United became the most successful English team after taking down Liverpool’s record of 18 championships. The players had a strange season as they passed many obstacles as well as conflicts within the team. But our players were able to stand against them, and fight for their club, gaining every points possible. The champions only get 5 wins after playing 19 away games, but when they come back to the “Theatre of Dream” Old Trafford, the Reds become true devils. The team coach, Sir Alex Ferguson became one of the best coach in the world’s football history for bringing 12 Premiere League Trophies for United. As the season went by, we could see great improvements from almost every single players. The season would only be 100% successful if United win the last battle against Barcelona in Wembley Stadium in London on May 28th, 2011. As a MU fan, I hope that our players would fight and play with more than 100% of their ability to bring back the 4th Champions League Trophy for the club.

TAS Science Fair… March 2011

The last days of March and Quarter 3 ended up with a cool event for our school, the science fair, organized by Ms. Asmaa Hussein, our Biology, Life Science, and Geometry teacher. Projects, researches, and experiments of students were brought into the school’s auditorium and presented by the students. I myself, brought in my project that took me 3 months to think of, designed, and tested. My project was about proving that photosynthesis occurs at a much faster rate compared to cellular respiration. It took me quite a long time to design the experiment that will help me gather the amount of oxygen that was used during cellular respiration. After I finished designing, I have to find out a way to split up the water molecule and get pure oxygen. I’ve decided to let an electric current to run through the water, and to do that, I have to break the pencil into two halves and get the core of it in which is made up of graphite. The process was really long and the preparation before presenting it to the judges were quite a lot of work too, but they all worth it at the end, I won the Gold Medal for the science fair and it was the first time I did. I was very happy with what I got, and I think that I deserve it, I put a lot of hard work into it. I would like to thank all the people who helped and supported me throughout the entire process. I’m looking forward to next year’s science fair.

photosynthesis getting pure oxygen
Splitting the water cellular respiration


I have a huge family. There are about 67 people that I know of on both side of my mom and my dad. Most of the people in my mom’s family left Vietnam and go to other countries such as the US, Canada, and Denmark. On the other hand, there’s only one person in my father’s family who went to the US. It’s quite rare that people in other country to come back to Vietnam and have family union. Most of the time, when people come back it’s either Christmas or Lunar Newyear (Tet) because that’s our school break and so we can have some time to gather together and have dinner or vacations. I remember about two or three years ago, my uncle’s family and my aunt’s family on my mom’s side both came back at the same time and we had lots of parties as well as trips to other parts of Vietnam. There were about 15 people gathered together and the elder ones told stories long ago back in the days when they were young. One of the stories that I remember was when my father was still a kid, the North of Vietnam won over the South. Tanks were running on the streets, people were freaked out and got killed, robbery was everywhere. It was the best time for me to see almost every member of the family. I was really sad when all of them left to go back to their countries and I hope that one day, I’ll see all of them again…

Places that I want to visit in the world!

I want to go to many places but the place that I want to go to most is Denmark, a Scandinavian Country. I have so many questions that need to be answer when I get there such as what might be in the Academy of Physics? Is Denmark really the happiest country in the world? How do the royal ones treat others? Does everyone get fair opportunities? What I know so far about Denmark is that it’s the happiest country in the world (claimed), and people in Denmark are treated fairly and given fair opportunities doesn’t matter who they are. There are several reasons why I want to go to Denmark. Besides getting answers to my questions, I also want to visit my uncle and my cousin there. I also want to get information about the Academy of Physics so that if one day I go to university, this place would be one of my choices. I love traveling, and Europe is the best place to go to due to its variety of cultures and its social developments. I also like to go to the US for its famous places and museums… If you want to be my tour guide, please contact me through my personal emails posted on my about page. 😀